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Think it makes a difference who you are rubbing shoulders at a high-level event like this? Of course it does! In fact, I want to share with you my personal experience from when I was a VIP at an elite conference similar to this one. While I was at that event, I:

  • Secured 2 major sponsors for the Wealthy Visionary Conference
  • Got booked for 4 paid speaking gigs
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Bottom line: I left with over $100,000 in value just for making the smart decision to be a VIP! Now YOU too have the opportunity to up-level your experience and get personal wisdom about your business in an exclusive VIP environment.

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  • Go to the head of the class – As a VIP you don’t need to stand in long lines to register. We have a designated registration area for you. Plus you’ll be identified on your badge as a VIP so you can recognize other movers and shakers at the event.
  • Early access to my welcome reception – When you upgrade to VIP you get a special opportunity to meet the other go-getters. This is a top-level shot to take advantage of one of the most valuable, yet often under-rated, tactics to building your empire and your community…NETWORKING. Meet and greet with other entrepreneurs who think like you with early access before the crowd arrives.
  • 2 wonderful networking lunches with other VIPs and special guests in a private room – You don’t need to wait for food or run off to a restaurant. Instead spend quality time bonding with great people.
  • Group VIP Q&A with me to ask your burning questions – Imagine having personal, direct access aimed at solving YOUR personal business challenges.
  • Priority advance entry – No waiting in lines or worries about losing your prime spot if you need to get up. Claim your preferred seat early!
  • Commemorative picture with just you and me– I have set aside exclusive time for your VIP photos and to meet and greet you.
  • VIP Post- Event Call – As a potent follow up to our time together, I will host a special call for VIPs only. This is designed to ensure you stay in action, have the support you need and help you find the resources to help you accomplish your dreams faster!

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